Jolly Holly Days

Prior to the real burst of holiday activity, we tried taking a few Christmas pictures of the kids, including some we could use for our Christmas cards.  We tried for a day with no rain when nothing else was planned.  We did get a warm, sunny day…with a high wind advisory 🙂  The kids were happy to get to go play and run around at Nena’s for pictures.  We ate our lunch there, and then Caitlin graciously helped us with the photos and was magnanimous about our previous rescheduling(s).  Sawyer was a budding model and did everything I asked him to try.  He had a great time, and he looked so handsome!  Sheridan was not feeling super cooperative in terms of pictures, but she did have a blast running around and playing with the ornaments.  It was tricky to even get her in the same frame as Sawyer, so she was in more of a rogue mood that day.  She did look beautiful though!!  All their pictures made me smile, even if I didn’t get many of them together.  Also, when Sawyer looked at them, he said, “Maybe we should have waited for a less windy day.  Look at Sheridan’s hair!”


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