Photo Challenges

Not long ago I was telling Morgan how it seems like I never have a chance to take pictures of anything unless they’re candids or a few quick and planned photos of the kids.  Sawyer has really enjoyed taking pictures with the camera Orrin and Ashley got him for his birthday, so I thought we might try to do a photo challenge together.  A photo-a-day challenge seemed tooooooo challenging, but I thought maybe a photo-a-week challenge was more realistic.  I found a few on Pinterest that seemed promising without being too cheesy, and we went with that.  Week One Challenge was “Sunshine.”  I thought having the week to think, shoot, and choose would give me lots of great ideas and several pictures to select my favorite from.  I especially wanted to get the sunlight coming through the beautiful orange leaves in the tree by our driveway.  The color of the leaves is my favorite of autumn, and the sunlight always seems so warm and soft when I look out the window at that tree.  Challenge accepted!  Sawyer and I hurried out for a few minutes before supper one night to try a few pictures, but a car pulled in the driveway right after that.  I thought we’d try again the next night or find some other, superior way to capture the sunlight.  Of course I was wrong, and that was several weeks ago.  We have yet to finish that challenge or move on to Week Two.  Maybe a photo-a-month challenge is more my speed…


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