A Tricky Treat

Sawyer loves to cut, glue, and assemble, and he wanted to make Halloween cards for everyone.  Actually, when I asked him who he wanted to make some for, “everyone” not only included our immediate family but also his darling friend Lexi from church.  In case anyone reading this does not know Lexi, she is a sweet teenager that Sawyer loves to hug and try to impress.  Ha!  We worked on them a bit each day, during Sheridan’s naps, and here are some pictures from the last day when we assembled them.  Sawyer just wanted to have spooky features, like ghosts, bats, and spiders, but the most important element was something to pop out and scare people.  For this ghastly duty, he selected a haunted house.  The funniest part of the whole thing was that we had some extra spiders that we cut out, and he took one and put it on Morgan’s pillow.  It was just the right size to look convincing, and happily, it worked!


One thought on “A Tricky Treat

  1. Sawyer has as good an eye for detail as his mama! I love that he wants to take part in making these things! He loves crafts, and I was really impressed by the card! Can’t wait to see what you guys do next!

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