Busy Bodies

I had plans to take fall pictures of the kids for a bit but wanted to wait for the opportune time.   We patiently waited for peak leaf changes.  Then it rained for a couple for a weeks seemingly non-stop, the wind blew the leaves away, Sawyer had croup, and Sheridan had a cold.  Good times.  We did manage to find a day a few weeks ago when it was sunny, relatively warm, and Sheridan’s nap was of a cooperative length.  Sawyer and I packed the gear early in the day, and we headed to Nena’s when Sheridan awoke.  Nena, our perpetual helper, assisted  by wrangling the kids for pictures and offering wheelbarrow rides.  Sawyer was in a rotten mood, and Sheridan was too excited to hold still.  I had seen a trick about putting a Pez dispenser into the hot shoe of the camera to get a few pictures of the kids looking at the camera, and it worked pretty well.  Might have to try it again, actually.  They really enjoyed running around, playing with the gourds, and throwing things in the pond.  While they didn’t quite have the autumn look I had pictured for weeks, the kids looked darling and had a fun time.  All’s well that ends well, I guess.


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