Boo Crew

It was just kind of hard for me to get into the Halloween spirit this year, but the kids were pumped.  Sawyer was whole-heartedly in favor of being a policeman for months in advance, and I thought Sheridan would make a cute cheerleader.  A few weeks prior to our candy-collecting tour, Sawyer announced to our neighbor out in the yard that he had wanted to be a policeman but he had decided to be Spongebob instead.  This was news to me, but he stuck to his guns and chose this costume online from an array of Spongebobs.  It seemed fitting that Sheridan be Minnie Mouse after that to keep with the cartoon theme.  Sawyer told me in detail what he needed to be “exactly like Spongebob,” right down to the white undies.  I thought Sheridan would really go for her mouse ears, but she was less than a fan.  On Halloween evening, we began the festivities by heading over to Allardt where we went to Pa and Babu’s, Brenda’s, and Non’s.  With the wind and snow it felt more like Christmas Eve than All Hallows’ Eve, but it was fun and exciting.  The kids got so many cool treats and candy that it contributed to the Christmas vibe.  They had a ball and loved showing off their costumes.  The next day we stuck to the Oneida area and went to Mae Mae and Granddad’s, Great Grandma and Great Grandpa’s, Grandpa’s, Nena’s, and Orrin and Ashley’s.  They wrecked everyone’s houses and made out like bandits.  Sawyer got to fulfill his lifelong dream of a snowball fight, and Sheridan ate about six suckers simultaneously.  He enjoyed posing for the camera and taking pictures, and Sheridan couldn’t get enough Cheetos, in case you were wondering what’s on her face.  It may have cold and yucky, but I felt warm inside watching them have so much fun and look so adorable!


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