The First Cut is the Deepest

Sheridan had her first haircut on July 14th.  We’d gone back and forth about whether she needed it for awhile, but it was obvious for the past few week that she did.  It was tempting to let it keep growing so that she could have a ponytail, but it was getting a little unwieldy in the back.  One night when Sawyer was with Pa and Babu, we decided to give it a try.  Morgan was kind enough to take pictures while I tried to make a few snips in the back.  Sheridan enjoyed the camera and said “Pit-ures! Haircut!” while we worked away.  She got briefly restless but was quickly distracted by the iPad.  It didn’t take long to cut but made a big difference.  She certainly looked less like a baby and more like a little girl.  I thought that since she is almost sixteen months old, it wouldn’t bother me, but it made me a little emotional to think of her more as a toddler and less of a baby and to think how many milestones she’s rushing through.  At least she had a good time…


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