Take Me To The River

We had time to squeeze in a river trip not long ago.  We were trying to time it when Orrin and Ashley were off from work and had a day picked out, but unfortunately Ashley had to work and wasn’t able to come.  That didn’t stop Sheridan from yelling for her quite a lot while we were there.  We brought a few pieces of sandcastle-building paraphernalia, and the kids played with it for a few minutes.  Sheridan quickly tired of dumping sand on Sawyer and while he and Orrin were playing, she ran down to the water.  She walked right in and would have gone as far as she could if I hadn’t stopped her.  Sawyer and Orrin came down, too, and Orrin was very patient with them both as they kicked, splashed, and threw rocks.  Sheridan kept wanting him to hold her and Sawyer wanted his help with the rocks.  They had fun watching the fish swim around so close to them.  We just couldn’t believe how fearless Sheridan was about the water and how much she enjoyed it.  We all had a good time, and the kids didn’t want to leave.  We’ll have to go back soon!


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