The Four(th)

The 4th of July is such a great holiday!  It just brings to mind everything fun about summer when I think of it.  Except this year I didn’t want to think of it because we did not have our annual cookout at Scott and Kathy’s, and it made me feel lost.  Nena was kind enough to host us for lunch.  We had some delicious tacos and a plethora of desserts.  We all marveled at our patriotism and American spirit while we downed the tacos 😉  Morgan and I debated about what else to do to celebrate, and he thought fireworks would be fun.  He took Sawyer to pick some out.  We had fun visiting with everyone at Nena’s and then went home for a bit.  We had supper out at Sonic (America’s Drive-In, to be fair), and then went to the park and back for some quick baths before dusk.  We went back to Nena’s to do the fireworks, and the kids (and accommodating adults) ran all over the yard catching lightning bugs.  At dark the men (Morgan, Orrin, and Sawyer) manned the fireworks.  Sawyer tackled the sparklers, and we had to strap Sheridan down with some milk so she would be still long enough to look at the fireworks.  Once she saw, she would say, “Whoa!! Pitty!! Gin!!!”  When a particularly awesome one went off, Sawyer informed us that he picked that one and said, “Pretty good pick, huh?”  The kids were so fun and well-behaved all day, and we had the best time.  While it was the end of an era at Scott’s (actually, a one-year-only hiatus, I hope), we had fun with everyone and truly the best time I’ve ever had with our little family.


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