Pool Side

Last summer it seemed to be cool and rainy every time we had a chance to play in the pool or sprinklers.  This summer we’ve had much better luck.  The kids have loved playing in the water.  If they keep growing like they are, we will have to have separate pools!  Sawyer takes up most of the room in there and loves to get in and splash.  That’s just fine with Sheridan.  She likes the pool, but she isn’t ready to get all the way in yet.  She’s enjoyed splashing with her hands outside the pool and playing with the water hose.  She says, “Code!!!” and squeals at the water.  She’s not much of a fan of the sprinklers.  Sawyer loves running through them and making me chase him through the wettest paths.  He had the misfortune of stepping on a bee last time he went running around.  That sidelined him with me, but we got to take a few pictures of Sheridan enjoying herself, so that was fun for us.


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