Castles Made of Sand

This year we relocated Sawyer’s swing from the jungle tree to the swing set beside the house.  It’s conveniently nestled next to the sandbox, so we’ve had tons of fun swinging and playing in the sand this summer.  Sawyer loves to sift, shovel, and pour, and we build some occasional houses, castles, and roads.  He really likes to shovel the sand from the box to the lid and back again.  Earlier in the summer Sheridan was more inclined to swing, but lately she’s abandoned the swing to play in the sand, too.  Despite sometimes getting sand in her mouth and eyes, she really likes it.  She loves to shovel the sand out of the sandbox, and that drives Sawyer crazy.  Every now and then, he’ll shovel it back in and grumble, “Sheridan, I just shoveled this back in last time.”  What could say summer more than swinging and sandboxes?


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