If At First You Don’t Suc-seed

Hopefully the third time’s a charm for our pumpkins.  The past two summers have been unfruitful, but we’re giving it a go again.  Sawyer was eager to get our seeds started awhile back, but the weather was cool and yucky.  We tried white pumpkins and small orange pumpkins this time around.  One afternoon we took our supplies out to get cracking.  Sawyer placed the seeds willy-nilly, so we’re aren’t sure which varieties are which.  If they actually grow this time, that should heighten the anticipation.  Sheridan enjoyed playing with cups and plates while Sawyer covered our seeds with soil, which is his favorite part.  We ended up with thirteen sprouts, so I hope that’s not unlucky.  They’re in the ground now and still alive, so fingers are crossed.  Sawyer was a huge help with the digging and watering as we planted them.  Only several months to go…


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