Mother’s Day Pirate Picnic

Our Mother’s Day activities were curtailed by a wave of illnesses that hit us this week.  Sawyer and Morgan each had bronchitis and a virus, Sheridan had some sort of cold-ish thing, and I had the cough, too.  We had planned to go to Dollywood, but the plan changed to fluids and rest.  Morgan and the kids had a surprise lunch in the works, but maybe next year.   Not to be totally deterred, Sawyer did suggest a pirate picnic.  Nena came down that evening for a visit and was a huge help.  She picnicked with the kids under the jungle tree while Morgan and I ate a quiet and peaceful supper.  It was awesome and very kind of her.  At the picnic Sawyer made funny faces and threw grass everywhere, and Sheridan played the role of pirate well by trying to steal everyone’s booty (food and drinks).  We are so blessed with great mothers and grandmothers and never want to take them for granted!


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