Egg-stra Egg-cited

Since we didn’t get to dye eggs last year because Sheridan arrived sooner than expected, we used our dye from last Easter, sort of.  Some of the colors were a little past their prime, so we had to use food coloring.  Lots of green, as evidenced by Sawyer’s fingers.  While Sheridan napped, he and I took care of dyeing the eggs.  He liked mixing up all the colors and checking periodically to see if they were just the right color.  When we were finished with our dye cups, he combined all the colors to form one giant supercolor…Ta-da!  Coffee brown!  After Sheridan woke up from her nap, we were going to put stickers on them.  Sawyer made funny faces with his, and she decided it would be more fun to see how hard she could smash hers into the counter and what would happen if they fell in the floor.  I was trying to pick them up and keep an eye on her in the stool when I inadvertently stepped on one.  Sawyer told his daddy, “Sheridan smashed her eggs, and Mama REALLY smashed one.”  It was so great to be messy and be doing something fun that all three of us could do at the same time.


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