Happy Birthday, Sheridan!!

Can Sheridan really be a year old?  It seems hard to believe, but her first birthday has come and gone.  Since she was born in the spring and is so cute and girly, we thought we would have a flowers and butterflies theme.  I forgot to tell Mother Nature the plan though because it snowed all day on her birthday, including two white outs that covered the grass.  I guess that’s fitting since it snowed the day she was born, too.  Sawyer wanted to let her know when she woke up that morning that it was her birthday.  She had a great and happy day and was too excited to take her afternoon nap.  Sheridan loved playing with her balloons and visiting with all her guests.  She dug right in to her supper and drank about three gallons of milk, but I guess you’re hungry and thirsty when you get old like her.  She even ate some of the paper fringes that decorated her high chair.  In her brief year, she’s eaten more inedible objects than I’ve eaten in my whole life.  The cake that Nena made was too pretty to eat but too tasty not to.  Sawyer had generously and selflessly volunteered to blow out the candle if Sheridan wasn’t able to.  I don’t think she would have been able to do it, but she hardly got close enough to anyway because we were all afraid she’d burn her hand.  Sawyer fell on that sword.  Sheridan started out gingerly and curiously at first and then dug right in.  She’d have eaten the whole thing if we let her.  She started getting messy just like I was hoping for, and Sawyer said, “Awwwww Sheridan!!!” like he was on clean-up duty.  She grinned at all her presents and enjoyed playing with them and unwrapping them.  Sawyer really enjoyed all her presents, too.  We had such a fantastic time with everyone and are blessed beyond belief.  It’s hard to believe that someone who is such a profound part of our lives wasn’t even in it until a year ago.  Happy One Birthday, Sheridan!!


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