Too-Too Cute

For Sheridan’s first (!) birthday we definitely wanted to do something cute and girly.  After scouring Etsy for a ridiculously embarrassing amount of time, we settled on this gorgeous tutu from Sugar & Spice Accessories (  It was even cuter in person, and Sheridan loved it from the minute it arrived.  She kept wanting to touch it and look at it.  While it was hanging in her closet waiting to be used, she would spy it and say, “See it!!”  We had a nice opportunity weather-wise the day after the time change and planned to head out in the evening for a few quick shots since it would be light longer.  That morning while Sheridan was taking a nap, Sawyer and I made her a matching headband.  On most days the thought of the two of them napping simultaneously is comparable to unicorns and pots of gold under rainbows, but that afternoon they both slept at the same time all too well.  I had to wake them up while there was still a little daylight left, and we were off. Sawyer was an eager helper, and Nena carried more stuff to our location than humanly possible.  Sawyer normally has no interest in being in front of the camera, but sibling rivalry bit him hard and he jumped into several shots.  It was pretty funny.  Then he lost interest and wanted to go fishing with Orrin and Ashley.  Sheridan was the perfect subject.  She looked so much more adorable than I was able to capture in these photos, and she had a great time.  She laughed and smiled and never got upset.  She kept playing with her tutu and trying to get the balloons.  She was a beautiful girl, and it was amazing to see how she’s grown and changed such an enormous amount in such a short time.  What a cutie!


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