A Jolly, Happy Soul

I think I was more excited than Sawyer for our “big” snow last week.  Now that’s it behind us, we’re all set for spring.  It was fun to watch the snow pouring down Wednesday night, and we went out to check on its progress about every ten minutes.  Sheridan seemed to think it was fun, too.  I promised Sawyer that we would go play in it Thursday morning as soon as she napped.  He listed off all the activities we should do out there: have a snowball fight, play in the sled, make me stand under the jungle tree while he shook the branches, get the snow off the porch rails.  I asked if we should build a snowman.  He said, “As long as Frosty doesn’t stop our snowball fight.”  We bundled up and headed out.  I felt like a little kid running around and throwing snowballs at each other.  It was  a perfect, wet snow.  Whenever Sawyer would make and throw one, he would yell, “Snowball fight!!!!”  We got each other pretty good a few times.  I tried to help Sawyer build a snowman, but he told me to stop using up all his snow.  We had a decent sized one going, but he fell over.  Maybe next year.  He coasted a few times in the sled, but we don’t have enough elevation in the yard for that to be fun, so he made me pull him.  He mushed me like an Iditarod team and kept yelling for me to go faster.  That’s easier said than done for an out-of-shape gal in a few inches of snow pulling a three year old.  Each time I would take a break, and he would tell me to go again.  When I would start pulling he would say, “Slowly, slowly, slowly, they started off…”  It was exhilirating and a total blast to be out there with him.  The only thing that tarnished it was losing the baby monitor (which has yet to appear…maybe Frosty will bring it back again someday).  The snow was beautiful and it makes me think of a devotional I read once where the author discussed how we sometimes wonder how God can forgive such horribly offensive sins compared to “regular” everyday sins.  He said how the snow covers the grass as well as deep holes and all we see on top is pure white, just the way the blood of Jesus covers every kind of sin.  That always makes snow seem more beautiful to me.


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