Red Tractor Birthday

From about September on, Sawyer insisted on having a tractor birthday this year “like last year.”  Last year was actually a farm birthday, but I didn’t argue with him.  I presented lots of other options, but it had to be a tractor birthday, specifically a red tractor birthday.  He helped me make the invitations and the sign, and that was a lot of fun.  On his birthday, he went to the bank with Morgan while Sheridan was napping, so I got to decorate and get ready while he was gone and surprise him with it when he got home.  He wanted to wear his Christmas house shoes and kept asking if it was time to blow out the candles.  While we were getting the food ready and waiting for his guests to arrive, he kept getting napkins out and “wrapping presents” for us to open.  It was very generous of him to give presents on his birthday, and I’m sure Sheridan didn’t mind that all the “presents” he gave away were her toys.  I was surprised when he said he would say the blessing before we ate.  He handled the crowd well and said a very sincere prayer (that mostly regarded his birthday presents).  He visited with everyone and ate his supper well despite all the excitement.  Finally he couldn’t take it any longer and wanted to blow out his candles.  Nena had made an adorable cake for him, and he picked out his own candle at the store.  He lit it with his daddy and tackled it no problem.  When it was time to open presents, he spared us from a recap of his first birthday when he had zero interest in opening gifts and got right to work.  He opened each one quickly but took time to play with each present before moving on to the next.  Actually, we really had to encourage him to put each one down and go to the remaining ones.  He got a guitar and sang “Rocky Mountain High” for us!  Birthdays are so wonderful!  It doesn’t get any better than being with family, seeing your child elated, and celebrating the day that they changed your life forever!


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