Gobble, Gobble

It was wonderful to spend time with our families last week for Thanksgiving.  This year Sawyer was big enough to help me make dessert the night before.  In order to ensure our food was top-notch, he tasted each component of the dessert (after we finished assembling it, so those who feasted on it need not panic).  He had more on his face than in his stomach, or so I thought.  We made it while his supper was cooking, and we finished he went and sat on the couch.  I told him his supper was ready and he said, “Whew!  I just don’t think I can eat much supper!”  Well-played.  Our heat was out on Thanksgiving morning, so we bundled up as I cooked our other food.  Sawyer entertained Sheridan with a banjo concert featuring the lyrics, “I’m going to Chestnut Ridge in my playhouse” while I cooked.  It was a huge help, and she was listening intently.  For our first meal we went to Nena’s.  Everything was very festively decorated.  To quote FRIENDS (whenever possible), “The place looks so niiiiice!!”  Of course our meal was beyond delicious, and the best part was spending time with everyone.  Sheridan enjoyed a little table food.  She didn’t care for her mashed potatoes but really enjoyed her bread.  After lunch we came back home for the kids’ naps and then headed out to our second meal at Grey Gables.  It was wonderful to catch up with there as well.  Sheridan slept through most of the meal, and Sawyer had the best time playing games with Maverick and keeping tabs on him.  It was sweet to think that last year Sawyer was the only “baby” there, and this year there were three!  We are so blessed with amazing families, and it was a blessing to spend time together.  Certainly worth giving thanks for!


One thought on “Gobble, Gobble

  1. You do an awesome job on your blog! Your references are extremely hilarious. Always quote FRIENDS! The best part of Thanksgiving was hanging out with you all! You did not look like that scarecrow! Thanks for sharing your pictures with us!!

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