Time After Time

The past few months, I’ve had the privilege of getting to take photos of people who are not my children.  I have learned a lot from these brave volunteers and really enjoyed myself in the process, but I couldn’t wait to take some of our own offspring 🙂  With such a mild summer, I was worried that the weather would be too cold for us to wait very much longer for some autumn pictures, so we headed over to the old Mountain View golf course in Allardt last week for some fun times.  Sheridan cried all the way over, despite Sawyer’s best attempts to keep her from doing so by clapping his hands for her.  She cheered right up when we stopped at the office to see their dad (of course).  They enjoyed getting to play at Pa and Babu’s that afternoon, and we were able to head to the golf course after supper.  On the way there I told Sawyer the story of how when his dad I hadn’t been dating very long, Ol’ Morg made me hula hoop in front of the entire restaurant there.  When we got there for pictures, Sawyer was super cooperative.  He even almost sat down on a cross tie that had a snake under it for me.  Good thing his daddy was looking out for him because I never even saw it!  Despite being paranoid about snakes for the rest of the night, I really enjoyed getting to spend time with our kids and their grandparents.  Sheridan didn’t put up too much of a fuss, although she was exhausted.  She was happy enough to try to put anything in her mouth that wasn’t nailed down.  Pa, Babu, and Daddy were a huge help and awesome assistants.  As I constantly terrorize our children from behind from my lens, I think about how quickly life goes by.  I try to document everything because these kids grow so fast!  Last year at this time we didn’t even know we were expecting a girl, and now we have a terrific daughter with an emerging little personality.  It always makes me wonder what the next year will bring.  I certainly never thought during my hula hooping performance that a few short years later I would be back there with such a beautiful, wonderful family.  I am blessed 🙂


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