Tummy Tales

In her efforts to get big enough to play with us, Sheridan has reached some important milestones in the past couple of weeks.  She recently rolled over from her back to her stomach for the first time.  This major accomplishment occurred in her crib just before bedtime one night.  She realized she had done something new and got frustrated when she couldn’t figure out how to do it again.  In order to replenish some of the calories burned by this exhaustive exercise, we’ve expanded her diet.  She tried pear juice recently (and hated it apparently, and continued to hate it over the next several days).  She also began her foray into solid foods with some rice cereal (which she hated even more passionately and has also continued to hate just as consistently).  My fingers are crossed for oatmeal which went over decidedly better this morning.  It makes me think of when Sawyer was her age and being a rotten sleeper and finicky eater and I confidently convinced myself that if we had another child, he or she would sleep and eat like a champ…Sometimes I would like to hit the “fast forward” button to the easier days ahead, but I try to remember that we are never promised another day, and I’ve been blessed with two wonderful kids who I couldn’t live without, and they will only be little once.  That makes me want to hit the “pause” button and try to enjoy the present, precious, fleeting moments with them! I’m so proud of what Sheridan has learned lately and can’t wait to see what else the little cutie does.


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