Down in the River to Play

Now that the rain has slacked off, we’ve had lots of fun being outside again.  Our new neighbors, Uncle Orrin and Aunt Ashley, invited us to go down to Burnt Mill Bridge, so we took them up on the offer before they had to go back to work.  They had gotten Sawyer some implements for his sandbox that came in handy at the river.  He really enjoyed scooping up sand and water from the bank and dumping it back in the river. It always amazes me how kids have tons of age-appropriate toys but would rather play with something simple like a cup.  Ashley gathered some rocks for Sawyer to throw, but he dumped them from the cup all at once.  He liked it when Orrin would throw large rocks to make a big splash and had fun imitating the sound of the splashes.  They found some good-sized ones for him to throw, and he splashed Orrin with a few and made him retrieve them from the water since he wasn’t able to throw them very far out.  They waded into the water and threw a few, too.  It was fun being together, and we had a good time (except maybe Ashley on the way home because she was sandwiched between two car seats with the occupant of one crying loudly–if it bothered her, she didn’t show it).


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