All in a Day’s Work

For Caitlin’s birthday, we loaded up the cars and trekked down to surprise her at work at the Alvin York State Historic Site.  She seemed happy to see us, and Sawyer was happy to get there and eat peanuts that Orrin and Ashley bought for him.  He also had fun feeding some to the cat there and having Orrin take him around the property.  Caitlin even showed him the “pet” snake.  Sheridan graciously slept through most of the morning (I don’t think that’s any reflection on Caitlin’s tour guide abilities).  I enjoyed touring the York home and listening to all the information Caitlin shared with me.  She’s a hard-working and knowledgeable young lady, and I’m glad she enjoys working there.  We were able to attend one of her programs at the old mill and learn about some essential hiking supplies.  Sawyer loved all the water there (shocking) and had fun exploring and playing at the nearby playground.  Later we went to lunch where Sheridan kindly slept more, Sawyer ate approximately seventeen of Caitlin’s birthday brownies, and a man hit on Nena.  A good time was had by all…except the man Nena politely rejected.  I really enjoyed being there with my family and was so proud of Caitlin.


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