Welcome to the Jungle

Sometime back Sawyer and Nena were playing outside at our weeping willow tree.  They had a lot of fun hiding in the branches down there, and they coined it the “jungle tree.”  Since then, they have encountered numerous characters from The Jungle Book there, and Sawyer has had to keep me safe from Kaa the snake many a time.  It is wonderfully shady down there and a great place to play.  Sawyer’s slide and swing are there for our enjoyment, and this week I took my camera down there to document our fun.  He took his hat to keep the sun out of his eyes.  He used to call it the “chigger” hat but decided that day to call it the “windy” hat.  He let me take a few pictures of him in exchange for getting to use my camera.  He did pretty well with it, and I thought we might have a shared hobby someday.  The battery started to run low while he was swinging, and he said I had taken enough pictures anyway.  He got very quiet for a while as I pushed him in the swing.  Then he looked at me and said, “Mama, I tan fix ore cwamra battery with my crewdriver.”  I love that kid soooo much!


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