Frisbee Fun

Sawyer has discovered another use for our Frisbees in addition to serving gourmet meals out of them…throwing them.  While Aunt Caitlin kept an eye on Sheridan one day, I showed him how to toss one.  Now every time he throws one, he repeats the directions, “Put your thumb on there like this, hold it like this, AAAAAAAAANNNDDD…throw!!!”  He’s gotten pretty good for a two year old.  I wouldn’t really consider our vehicles or helpless bystanders like Sheridan exactly safe, but he does alright for himself.  He loves for us to throw them together at the same time and then race to retrieve them, and he quickly discovered that the branches of our weeping willow tree can interfere with a good throw.  The way he’s growing he’ll be able to throw it farther than me soon!


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