Snow Day

So long since the last post!!!  I thought it was almost spring, but alas…Sawyer wanted to take advantage of church being cancelled this morning, so we bundled up and went outside.  He was happy to get to wear his toboggan and wanted to explore around the yard to see what he could find.  We heard lots of birds, and he told me they were saying, “It’s almost spring.”  I hope he is a good bird translator.  He wanted to go off by himself without mama.  He was not happy to find his swing covered with snow.  When he started sweeping it out, I told him we could make a snowball, but he didn’t want to.  He enjoyed digging in the snow for rocks and throwing them in the “pond” (ditch).  I hope it will be nice and warm soon, but it was fun to have a snowy adventure outside while it is still just the two of us.


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