Big Boy Bed

Back in October Sawyer terrified us every night by appearing dangerously close to crawling out of his crib at bedtime and saying he wanted out.  We rushed to pick out the perfect toddler bed for him, hoping it would be here before he took matters into his own hands.  Of course, once the box was at the house, he developed an immense love for his crib again and never said another word about getting out of it.  With “baby fifter” on the way, it seemed like a good time to finally put it together, and we decided to leave his crib in his room, too, until he has the chance to get used to the new bed.  Sawyer was very excited to help me unpack the bed and get our tools together to assemble it.  He got his own tools ready for work.  However, he kept running off to work on his own projects and thought it was funny to take my tools and nuts and bolts with him.  For an almost two-year-old, he was a big help after all, and it was fun to watch him “work” on it with me.  When we had it assembled and in place he wanted to get his “other big boy bed” (mattress) to put on there and could hardly wait for me to put the sheets on before he tested it out.  No need to be nervous…apparently this bed is the thing that’s been missing from his life.  He did not want to get off of it for the rest of the day and has played on it every chance he’s gotten.  As happy and entertained by it as he was, I was more so.  I wish I had turned the camera on myself when he was trying it out because I was smiling so much watching him enjoy it.  He made me laugh so hard later that day because he put his teddy bear in time out there and said, “Sit here in time out, teddy bear.  Don’t you get up.  Hear me?  Hear Sawyer????”


One thought on “Big Boy Bed

  1. Sawyer seems to enjoy every single moment of his life. It is such an absolute joy to get to enjoy his journeys through his mama’s eyes:)

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