All Play and No Work

Sawyer made a really cute fireman, but he had a lot more fun visiting with his family and playing than working the costume/trick-or-treat angle of Halloween.  It was just another day of play for him.  At Nena’s house he had to stop and play in the sandbox.  He was hard at work scooping dirt when he and Nena spotted a guest…a “long-legs” in Sawyer-speak.  He thinks they are cool but doesn’t want to get too close.  As long as Nena held the long-legs, he was fine.  The long-legs didn’t want to cooperate, though, and he headed off to the woodpile.  Sawyer and Nena conducted an exhaustive search that actually produced two long-legs!  Sawyer even tried to touch one and pick it up.  It was really funny to watch.  At Grandpa’s house Sawyer just wanted to play with Grandpa’s toys, like his watch and exercise ball.  Then he wanted to go up and down the stairs and to explore all over Grandpa’s house.  He kept accidentally hitting the window blinds and didn’t know what to think about that.  Then he wanted to try to move them out of the way.  Daddy thought it would be funny to sneak outside and scare Sawyer from the other side of the window. However, Sawyer was too interested in the blinds to care.  We all had a great time!


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