In The Line of Fire

Oh, the dilemma of what Sawyer’s costume should be this year!  We went through many options, including a bear, a frog, and even the book Goodnight Moon.  Since he LOVES water so much, we finally settled on a fireman because he would be able to have a water hose.  He even told Grandpa that he was going to be a water hose for Halloween.  He had the best time playing with the components of his outfit before Halloween rolled around.  He called his suspenders a belt and kept wanting to wear them with his everyday clothes.  He loved that he could turn his hat on and off to make the siren sound.  He even tried to wear his boots to church Sunday and keeps putting them on to play around the house.  We tried out his water hose backpack prior to the big day to make sure it would work.  I thought I got all the water out, but I quickly learned otherwise when he sprayed me with it while we were getting ready that morning.  He had a great time going around to see our family, but I think he enjoyed the hose the most.  Although my directions seemed explicit and exhaustive, and even though Sawyer gave me a lengthy list of what could be sprayed (porch, leaves, grass, etc.) and what could not (Nena, Grandpa, Babu, Pa, Non, Mae Mae, Grandad, etc.), I still found myself on the receiving end of the nozzle.  It was SO funny to watch him spray it and try to “get” us with it.  He really enjoyed spraying it and had very good accuracy 🙂  It makes me smile to recollect him running around and squirting it.  I hope he is always that happy!


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