Two Cookies from the Same Cutter

Sawyer and I have had a good time with our autumn/Halloween activities.  I’m really enjoying how he’s old enough to participate in some of these things and be so excited about them.  We wanted to make witches’ hat cookies to take with us when we went trick-or-treating, so we gathered our ingredients at the store.  When we got home Sawyer and I were playing in the den and he took off up the steps and told me he was going to make Halloween cookies.  I thought he might need some help, so I joined him in the kitchen.    We got our ingredients ready and got to work.  One reason why we picked these cookies to make is that they are so easy and quick (especially for a toddler and his mom).  We unwrapped our Hershey’s Kisses and both had to sample our chocolate, and we did likewise with our shortbread cookies.  We used dark chocolate cookies instead of regular (in my opinion they taste the same, i.e. awesome).  While Sawyer might look exactly like Morgan, I’m so (not very secretly) thrilled that his personality is a lot like mine.  At least he is like me in some way!  He did not like the mess that the chocolate made on his hands, but he did have fun helping me color the icing and assemble the cookies (and taste test them, of course).  Our final product might not look great, but it was fun to make them together and to reflect on the parts of our obsessive personalities that are similar 🙂


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