The Pick of the Patch

I had been waiting for weeks to take Sawyer’s picture with the fall leaves, and I was afraid we would miss out.  We’ve had a busy month, and the leaves seemed to change later this year than I was expecting.  Once they did change, it was cold!  We managed to set aside some time a couple of weeks ago, and I took Sawyer to his Nena’s with a few “fallish” props.  With Nena and Caitlin’s help we got him all set up with his displays, but he had so much more fun carrying the little pumpkins around and playing in the leaves than “posing.”  It was so enjoyable to see how much he has changed in the past 22 months and what an independent and strong-willed little guy he’s becoming.  He didn’t want to part with his pumpkin!  I think he would have carried them all if it were physically possible.  While autumn can be a little depressing (thinking of a LONG winter), it is a natural time to think about our blessings, and he is certainly an indescribable one!  I just love talking to him, playing with him, and watching his interests and personality develop!


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