Happy Jack

I was so excited that Sawyer was able to understand a little about carving jack-o-lanterns this year for Halloween.  Unfortunately the pumpkins we tried to grow didn’t make it in time for this tradition.  Maybe next year.  However, Sawyer picked out his own pumpkin at the grocery store, and we carved him up this week.  He had a lot of fun getting our supplies ready (I was a little nervous about the knives).  I let him pick from two (non-scary) stencils, and he chose a very goofy and fun looking sketch.  He helped me tape the stencil on (using about half a roll of tape), and we traced it together (and I had to fight him for the marker afterward).  He watched me cut the top off from a safe distance, and then we dug in together.  He helped me scoop out some of the seeds…then he lost interest, and I was on my own.  I finished cleaning it out and carving while he went to play with his toys.  He did think it was cool to see the final result and all the pile of all the stuff that came out of the pumpkin.  He’s been helping me with the “fire” in it each night when we light it on the porch.


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