A Walk in the Park

On Tuesday Sawyer and I went for a much-anticipated trip to the park with Nena.  We went for lunch first, which was great, and Sawyer even ate a little ice cream.  We were hoping to go on our park trip before the weather got cold, but it was a little cool and windy nonetheless.  Nena brought bread for the ducks, and Sawyer tried to throw it to them.  He enjoyed watching the ducks and geese from a little way back but didn’t want to get too close or give them too much bread.  He kept a few pieces back in a pile 🙂  We also went on the playground, and Sawyer had a wonderful time on the slides with his grandmother.  It was so much fun to watch the two of them!  We also enjoyed the swings, and Sawyer was being really funny while swinging.  Nena pulled him along the walking track in his wagon to round out the afternoon.  He saw a dog and was friendly to the other walkers.  The three of us had such a fun and memorable time!


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