Wild About The Zoo

We took Sawyer to the Knoxville Zoo on September 9th.  We thought he would enjoy it but possibly be a little frightened to be so close to such large animals.  He wanted to do everything himself (“felf”) from the moment we got there-push the stroller, walk alone away from us, climb on the railing, eat his food, etc.  He was a little intimated at our first stop, the black bears, but when we moved on to the red pandas he kept telling them to jump out of the trees.  We saw the bears, exotic birds, turtles, snakes, otters, prairie dogs, penguins, camels, giraffes, lions, tigers, monkeys, gazelles, zebras, and many other amazing animals.  Sawyer’s favorite animals were the elephants.  He was a little scared because they were so large and wanted his daddy.  He got even more afraid as they came closer.  Once I told him that their noses were like waterhoses, he relaxed a little and watched them eat grass and get a drink of water.  He thought it was funny they way they drank and said that they spilled their water.  He didn’t want to leave their area.  Whenever we would leave one animal to go to the next, he would say, “Bye _____!”  It started early on, and when he realized other people at the zoo thought it was cute, he was definitely encouraged to keep going with it.  He would hold his daddy’s hand when people were around because he said it was dangerous.  We took him to McDonald’s to eat afterward, and we were standing several feet from the counter deciding what to eat.  The cashier asked Sawyer if he was ready, and he said, “Cheeseburger.  French fries.”  She asked if he would like ketchup, but he said, “No.”  We had the best time and really enjoyed how much he enjoyed it.


One thought on “Wild About The Zoo

  1. It looks like he really enjoyed the zoo. He seems to really be paying attention when he is looking at things. Both of his “smiles” are adorable.

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