Fish Tales

We took Sawyer to Ripley’s Aquarium on September 10th.  We were surprised at how much he enjoyed the zoo, but we were totally confident he would love the aquarium.  When we went in, he had a blast with all the water and liked looking at the fish in the tanks.  He said he saw “big fish,” and wanted to quickly move from one display to the next.  He watched the sharks in their massive tank from the top level of the aquarium.  Things went south as we descended down to the lower levels (haha).  As it began to get darker and Sawyer could see the fish swimming in the overhead tanks, he was not having much fun.  He wanted his daddy to hold him and had a death grip on his shirt.  He kept repeating that he was scared and wanted to leave.  What else could we do?  I’m sure he will enjoy it more when he’s older, but we were blindsided when he didn’t like it.  He did have fun before it got too dark in there, and we had a wonderful trip with him!


One thought on “Fish Tales

  1. I also would have thought that Sawyer would really love the aquarium. I am sure he will later when he is just a little bigger. He has a good mamma and daddy:)

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