Excellent Adventure

This week Sawyer went to Pigeon Forge with Mama’s family.  He did really well being away from home.  At Cade’s Cove he was very friendly to the park workers and told them “Hello” as we walked by.  He had fun running around there, and we saw turkeys, deer, and a bear cub.  Sawyer couldn’t help but sleep part of the time we were driving around the loop.  That night he had a blast being around water at the hotel (shocking!) while he threw rocks in the river and watched Orrin and Caitlin splash in the Lazy River.  Later he got in the shower and didn’t want to get out.  He made us all laugh by running around naked while we were trying to get him dried off.  The next day at Dollywood he was totally entertained riding around in his stroller.  We were able to get him to ride the merry-go-round and a water ride.  The funniest part was that we had all been excited for him to ride the train.  He couldn’t wait for it to get going and kept saying, “Choo-choo!”  Once we started riding, he fell asleep instantly!  We had already gotten off when he woke up, and he immediately said, “Train!” so apparently he didn’t realize that the ride was over before it started for him.  What a great, fun trip with our family!  We are blessed 🙂


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