A Little Squirt

Nana gave Sawyer some squirt guns to play with this week.  He had the best time playing with them at her house and then on our porch later in the week.  As soon as we went outside and he saw his empty squirt gun laying there, he smiled and gave it to me to fill up.  He squirted Mama, the bricks, the hedges, the porch chairs, his basketball goal, his basketball, his wagon, his pool, a cooler, the plants, and (best of all)…himself!  His face indicates otherwise, but he LOVED squirting himself.  When he ran out of water, he stood at the door and said, “Mo!”  Once again, the only way I could get him to come in was with the promise of more water…a bath.  Did I mention he loves water?  While I was getting his towel and washcloth I heard splashing.  I knew I hadn’t started the bath yet, and when I went back in the bathroom he was splashing in the (clean) toilet!


2 thoughts on “A Little Squirt

  1. His expression with the squirt gun in front of his “boat”/pool is absolutely hilarious!! Way to capture the magic! My nephew is just too cute.

  2. It is funny to see his expressions when he “shoots” himself. It makes me wonder what he is thinking at that moment. You would think he didn’t like it but he absolutely loves it. He is adorable!!

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