Bubble Trouble

Sawyer loves bubbles, but his weren’t cutting it, so we decided to make our own.  He had so much fun stirring the “ingredients,” and they worked pretty well.  It didn’t take long to make the bubbles, and we had lots of fun trying them out.  He got so excited about trying to pop them, so of course I wanted to get his picture.  I got caught up in watching for him through the camera viewfinder, and I didn’t notice when he reached for the open bubbles…and spilled them everywhere, almost getting them on my phone and the computer!  I told him I should have paid more attention so that we wouldn’t have such a mess, and he said, “My, my, my.”


4 thoughts on “Bubble Trouble

  1. It looks almost like he’s doing a handstand in the last picture with the bubbles. He’s still adorable, though, of course. It also makes me laugh that he looks like he’s trying to taste the bubbles. I really like your angles when he’s playing with the bubbles. Great job!

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